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I Have Been Urged to Try Something New

I Have Been Urged to Try Something New

My daughter has been riding horses for many years. Her father and I always wanted her to choose something that would help her grow as a person. She chose to learn how to ride horses. She’s really good at it, too. She was looking through the equestrian riding jackets at a store a few weekends ago, and she turned to me and told me that I should start riding horses, too. I chuckled at first, but then I realized she was serious. She told me that she would love it if I tried it myself. I started to think seriously about it, and then I decided to go for it.

My daughter’s riding teacher was tickled pink when I told her that I wanted to take lessons, too. I will not be in my daughter’s classes because she rides at an expert level. She even rides and competitions. I will be starting from the bottom, even though I do know a lot of horses just from the fact that I spend a lot of time watching my daughter ride. I may know all the different phrases that they use, but I had not spent any time up on a horse myself.

I must say that I enjoyed my first riding class so much that I fully surprised myself, my daughter and my teacher. I’ve always liked horses. I think they are beautiful, highly-intelligent creatures that deserve our love and respect. But for whatever reason, I had just never ridden one. But after that first lesson I found that I was hooked and could not wait for my second lesson. Since then I have found that I’m pretty good at it, and I really enjoy it. I have signed up for even more classes and I go 3 times a week for more learning!

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